How to Register for Campus Commune

  • Click here or on Google search for nextstep tcs and click on first link.
  • Click on Campus Application 2012 & above (Do not click on "Direct Application").
  • Click on New Candidate.
  • Click on Campus Application(Do not click on "Direct Application").
  • Type Aurangabad in select institute text box to choose our college.
  • Choose our college and click on Submit.
  • Select your Qualification Category.
  • On next page fill your information.
  • To scroll down page use black scroll bar on the left right hand side.
  • To fill data about your degree click on respective link(e.g. Click on "Graduate*").
  • Click on Submit. You will get CT-Reference and password on your email id.
  • Login again on nextstep tcs site using CT-Reference number and password.
  • Change your password and select security question to recover your password in case you forgot your password.
  • Your new password should be combination of lower and uppercase letters,special symbol(like *,&,@) and number.
  • After login in left side you will get an menu name Campus Application. Click on that.
  • On next page click on Launch Capmus Commune.
  • Register forTestimony the TCS Software Testing Contest.
  • The team can comprise of a maximum 2 members from same institute.
  • All members should have valid CT Reference number.
  • The teams can from the same or discipline or may be inter-disciplinary.
  • The infrastruce/software/s required for testing should be borne by the team
  • The registration and team fromation process will be in two stages.[Participation guide for Testimony]
    Stage 1: Registration
    At the start of Registration process, All ineterested participants will need to register for the contest.
    Stage 2: Team Formation and Confirmation of Team
    Each participant will need to choose to be either a Team Leader or Team Member. Team Leader will need to choose a Team Name and send invite to nominate a Team Member. The nominee will need to accept the nomination to form a team. This will form the Team.
  • Team members will be required to confirm their nomination to a team. Each team Member can be a part of only One Team. Team once confirmed cannot be changed.
  • If you have any problem or queries then feel free to contact us.

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